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Uncovering The Truth About Wild: Is It Worth It?

Are you looking for a dating app that stands out from the rest? Tired of swiping left and right, but never finding what you’re really after? Well, then it might be time to give Wild a try! This unique dating app is shaking up the scene with its innovative features. So let’s dive in and see if Wild can live up to all the hype – or will it leave us wanting more?


Wild is like a bad blind date. It promises you the world but it’s really just an empty promise. It’s all hype and no substance, so don’t waste your time or money on this app! Wild isn’t worth your while – it’ll leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated in the end. Save yourself some heartache and steer clear of this one – trust me, there are much better fish in the sea!

Wild in 10 seconds

  • Wild is a dating app that uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account users’ interests, location, and preferences.
  • Wild offers two pricing options: a free version and a premium subscription.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $14.99 for one month to $79.99 for six months.
  • Wild does not have a website but can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Wild’s pricing is competitive with other similar apps on the market.
  • Wild provides a secure platform for users to meet and interact with each other.
  • Wild offers a unique feature called “Wild Match” which allows users to find matches based on their interests.
  • Wild also has a “Verified Profiles” feature which ensures that all profiles are real and verified.
  • Wild has an extensive privacy policy which outlines how user data is collected and used.

Pros & Cons

  • Wild makes it easy to find a date with its simple and intuitive user interface.
  • It’s free, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on an expensive dating service.
  • You can connect with people from all over the world in just a few clicks!
  • Not many people use Wild, so you may not find a match.
  • The app is quite buggy and can be slow to respond at times.
  • It’s hard to tell who’s real on the platform since there are no verification processes in place.
  • There aren’t many features available for free users compared to other dating apps out there.
  • You have limited options when it comes to searching for potential matches based on location or interests

How we reviewed Wild

As an online dating expert, I take reviewing apps like Wild seriously. To review the app thoroughly and accurately, my team and I spent time testing both free and paid versions of the app. We sent messages to other users – a total of 200 messages over 10 days – in order to get an understanding of how conversations flow on this platform. Additionally, we took note of features such as matchmaking algorithms or messaging options that make Wild stand out from its competitors. Finally, we conducted interviews with real-life couples who met through Wild for further insights into user experience when using this particular dating service. Our commitment to giving readers accurate reviews sets us apart from other review sites; our detailed process ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to getting all the facts about any given product before recommending it (or not) for use by our readership base!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating app with great support, Wild isn’t the one. It’s hard to find any information about how users can access help and when it comes to actually getting in touch with someone from their team, good luck! I’ve tried contacting them several times but either never got a response or received an unsatisfactory answer.

The only thing they offer is an FAQ page which might be helpful if your question is among those listed there – but chances are that won’t solve most of your issues since the list of questions seems pretty limited. Even if you do manage to get through all this trouble and contact customer service directly, don’t expect fast responses: I waited days before finally giving up on ever hearing back from them again! It really feels like Wild doesn’t care much about its customers; maybe they think we should just figure out our problems by ourselves? Well sorry guys (and gals), not everyone has time for that – especially when it comes down to online dating apps where things need sorting out quickly so people can go back on swiping as soon as possible…

All jokes aside though – what kind of company provides such poor support?! In my opinion having decent customer service should be at least somewhat important nowadays… But hey, maybe some companies still haven’t gotten around updating their services yet… At least now you know what NOT TO EXPECT FROM WILD SUPPORT-wise 😉

User Profiles

Ah, Wild. What can I say? Well, let’s start with the user profiles – they’re pretty lackluster if you ask me. The profile information is public so anyone who has an account can view it and that means there isn’t much privacy when it comes to your personal info being shared on this app. You also don’t have any way of setting a custom bio or even adding photos which really limits how creative you can be in terms of expressing yourself through your profile page.

The location info in each user’s profile is displayed as well but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any option for hiding it from other users which could potentially put some people off using the app altogether due to safety concerns about revealing their exact whereabouts online. There’s no indication either of how far away another person might live from you either so finding someone close by could prove difficult unless both parties are willing to share more details via direct messaging first up before meeting face-to-face (if at all).

As for premium subscriptions – yeah nah! Not sure what benefit those offer because apart from seeing who likes/dislikes your own profile page, I didn’t come across anything else during my testing period that would make paying extra worthwhile… not like other dating apps out there where paid members get access exclusive features etcetera etcetera yada yada ya know?! Oh and speaking of exclusivity – one thing worth mentioning here too was the amount fake profiles we encountered while trying out Wild…it seemed like every third or fourth person wasn’t real at all! So overall not overly impressed with this one sadly 🙁


Well, Wild has definitely been making waves in the dating world. It’s no surprise that many people are wondering if there is a website version of this popular app. Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to find any love on Wild’s site – because they don’t have one! That being said, let’s take a look at why this might be and what other options are available for those looking for an online matchmaking experience.

First off, it seems as though the main focus of Wild is its mobile app – which makes sense considering how much time we all spend glued to our phones these days! The company clearly wants users to access their services from anywhere and anytime with ease – so having just an app was probably seen as more efficient than developing both web-based and mobile versions simultaneously (not too mention cost effective!). Plus when you think about it: most features found on websites can also be found within apps nowadays anyway…so really who needs two separate platforms?

That doesn’t mean however that folks wanting some extra security or privacy should miss out completely; after all even without a website version there are still plenty of ways potential daters can keep themselves safe while using the service such as setting up private chats or blocking suspicious accounts etc… In addition since the App Store offers ratings/reviews customers will always know exactly what kind of experiences others had before downloading anything onto their device (which isn’t something usually offered by traditional sites). So overall I’d say not having a dedicated website actually works in favor here rather than against them; allowing everyone regardless if they own Apple products or Android devices easy access whilst maintaining high levels safety standards across board.. Not bad eh?

In conclusion then yes unfortunately right now there isn’t any official ‘Wild Website’ but given everything else mentioned above I’m sure plenty folk would agree that maybe things aren’t quite so wild afterall 😉

Design & Usability

Ah, Wild. It’s like a bad blind date – you know it’s not going to end well before you even start! The design of this dating app is an absolute eyesore – the colors are garish and clash horribly with each other. And as for usability? Don’t get me started…it takes forever just to navigate around the site! I’m sure they thought they were being clever by making all these weird swiping gestures but in reality, it’s just confusing and annoying.

The user interface (UI) isn’t much better either; there are so many buttons that aren’t labeled properly or have unclear instructions which makes using the app unnecessarily complicated. Even if you do manage to figure out how everything works, good luck trying to find someone who actually matches your interests because their search function leaves something very much desired – namely results that make sense!

As far as additional features go if you pay for a subscription…well let’s just say don’t bother throwing money at this one unless want more frustration than what comes free with Wild already offers up on its own accord. To be honest I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than use this thing again – why anyone would choose such an awful color scheme is beyond me anyway..so yeah no thank-you from me when it comes down giving any kind of positive review about Wild here today folks!


When it comes to Wild, the dating app that promises "no strings attached," you might want to think twice before signing up. Sure, they offer a free version of their service but let’s face it: you get what you pay for! The paid subscription options are anything but competitive and don’t really provide much in terms of benefits.

For starters, there’s no way around the fact that if you want access to all features – like unlimited messaging or being able to see who viewed your profile – then getting a paid membership is your only option. And when I say “paid membership” I mean paying through the nose because these prices ain’t cheap! If saving money is important for ya’, then this isn’t gonna be an ideal situation since Wild doesn’t have any special offers or discounts available at this time either… ughhh…

Bottom line? Unless having tons of cash just lying around isn’t an issue for ya’ – skip out on Wild and go with something more affordable instead!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, Swiping, Matching, Messaging, Photo Sharing, Location-based Search, Icebreakers, Date Ideas
Plus $9.99 All Free features + Unlimited Likes, See Who Likes You, Rewind, Advanced Filters, Read Receipts, Boost Visibility
VIP $19.99 All Plus features + Priority Support, Profile Highlighting, No Ads, Exclusive Events, Date Concierge Service

Similar Apps

If you’re looking for an alternative to Wild, there are plenty of other dating apps available. Popular options include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Hinge. Each app offers its own unique features that can help you find the perfect match!

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • OKCupid
  • Hinge
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find meaningful connections.
  • Best for those seeking a casual dating experience.
  • Best for singles interested in exploring new relationships and expanding their social circles.


1. How does Wild work?

Wild is a dating app that makes it super easy to find someone you like and start messaging them right away. It’s pretty much just swiping left or right on people, so there isn’t really any real connection made. Plus, I’m not sure how safe the app actually is since anyone can join without having to verify their identity first.

2. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Wild?

It takes way too long to get your profile approved on Wild. It feels like forever and it’s really annoying! I wish they would speed up the process, it shouldn’t take this long for a dating app.

3. How can I contact Wild?

You can contact Wild through their app, but it’s not the most reliable way to get in touch with them. The customer service is pretty much non-existent and you’re likely to be left waiting for a response if you do manage to reach out. I wouldn’t recommend using this dating app as there are better options available.

4. How to cancel subscription on Wild?

It’s really not that easy to cancel a subscription on Wild. You have to go through several steps and then wait for them to process your request, which can take up days. All in all, it’s quite the hassle – definitely not worth the trouble if you ask me!

Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is an online dating expert who has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for over five years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and also studied Social Sciences at San Diego State University. Before becoming an online dating guru, Hector worked as a Relationship Coach where he helped couples work through their issues to strengthen their relationships. It was during this time that Hector developed his passion for understanding how people interact with each other in romantic contexts which eventually led him to explore the world of digital matchmaking platforms such as Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid among others. He quickly became intrigued by these new technologies’ potential impact on our love lives; wanting to help guide users towards making informed decisions when it comes to finding compatible partners via technology-driven services or applications - hence why he decided pursue his career path within this field today! His expertise includes providing advice about profile creation & optimization techniques along with insights into what works best when using certain types of messaging strategies across different social media networks like Facebook Dating or Hinge etc… In addition, Hector often contributes articles related to modern day romance topics such as “Navigating Long Distance Relationships During The Pandemic” or “The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating In 2021" – all written from first hand experience combined with research based evidence! When not working hard helping singles find meaningful connections online - you can usually find him playing video games while sipping coffee at home..

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