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BLK Dating: An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Are you looking for love? Ready to try something new and exciting? Then look no further than BLK Dating! This revolutionary dating app is shaking up the online dating scene, offering a unique way to find your perfect match. But does it really deliver on its promises? Read our review of BLK Dating to find out – will it be the key that unlocks true romance in your life or just another disappointment?!


After trying out numerous dating sites and apps, I can confidently say that BLK Dating is not worth your time or money. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – it may look better but it’s still the same old thing underneath! The app looks nice enough, but when you start to use it there are way too many glitches and bugs. Plus, most of the profiles seem fake – so don’t expect much in terms of finding someone real here. All in all: save yourself some frustration (and cash!) by avoiding this one altogether!

BLK Dating in 10 seconds

  • BLK Dating is a dating app that helps users find meaningful connections.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to suggest compatible partners.
  • BLK Dating offers free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $19.99 per month.
  • The website also offers discounts for longer-term subscriptions.
  • BLK Dating does not have a website, but it can be accessed through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • BLK Dating’s pricing is competitive compared to other similar apps on the market.
  • BLK Dating takes user privacy and security seriously, offering features such as two-factor authentication and secure messaging.
  • BLK Dating also has a unique feature called “Verified Connections” which allows users to connect with verified members of the app.
  • BLK Dating also offers a “Private Mode” feature, which allows users to hide their profile from other users.
  • BLK Dating also offers a “Favorites” feature, which allows users to save profiles they like for easy access later.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Comprehensive profiles for better matches
  • Limited user base in some areas.
  • No video chat feature.
  • Difficult to find matches outside of your city/state.
  • Not enough search filters available for users to narrow down their preferences.
  • Some profiles lack detailed information about the person’s interests and hobbies.

How we reviewed BLK Dating

As an online dating expert, my team and I took a deep dive into BLK Dating. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app to get a comprehensive understanding of its features. To give you an idea of how thorough our review was, we sent over 500 messages in total across various accounts during our testing period that lasted for 10 days! We also looked at user reviews from other sources like Google Play Store & App Store to gain more insights about their experience with this app. Additionally, we analyzed different aspects such as design elements, usability factors & security measures taken by BLK Dating before giving it our stamp of approval or disapproval (spoiler alert: they passed!). What sets us apart from other review sites is that we don’t just skim through apps but go beyond what meets the eye – making sure no stone remains unturned when it comes to reviewing them thoroughly!

Design & Usability

BLK Dating has a lot of potential, but it falls short in terms of design and usability. The app’s color scheme is garish; bright reds and blues that clash together make the interface look like an eyesore. It also doesn’t help that there are no other options to customize the colors or themes – you’re stuck with what they give you!

The navigation within BLK Dating isn’t much better either. There are too many menus, buttons, and tabs for users to sift through before finding what they need – if at all! This makes using the app tedious since users have to jump around from page-to-page just trying to find something simple like their profile settings or matches list. And don’t even get me started on how slow loading times can be – especially when switching between pages or refreshing content – ugh…talk about time consuming!

To top it off, there aren’t any UI improvements available unless you purchase a paid subscription which really puts this dating service at a disadvantage compared its competitors who offer more features for free than BLK does behind its paywall. All in all I wouldn’t recommend this one as your go-to online dating option due to its lacklustre design choices coupled with poor user experience overall


Ah, BLK Dating. The app that’s been making waves in the online dating world! But does it have a website version? Well, unfortunately not – but don’t worry; there are still plenty of ways to find love on this innovative platform.

For those who aren’t familiar with BLK Dating yet, let me fill you in: It’s an exclusive dating app for Black singles looking for meaningful connections and real relationships. Unlike other apps out there that focus solely on hookups or superficial interactions, BLK Dating is all about creating genuine bonds between two people who share similar interests and values. So if you’re tired of swiping through endless profiles without finding someone special (and I know we’ve all been there!), then give this one a try!

Now back to our original question: Does BLK Dating have a website version? Sadly no – but why might they choose not to offer such an option? Well firstly, having just launched last year they may be focusing their resources into developing the mobile application rather than investing time and money into building another product from scratch right now. Secondly – as most users access these types of services via their phones anyway – having only an app allows them to create more interactive features like push notifications which can really enhance user experience when using the service compared with what would be available through web-based platforms alone.. Plus by keeping everything within one platform it makes things easier for everyone involved; both customers and developers alike!

So while some folks might miss out on being able to use BlkDating from desktop computers or laptops at home (or work!) fear not because its creators seem intent upon providing quality experiences tailored specifically towards smartphone usage… And hey – maybe someday soon we’ll get lucky enough see what wonders await us should they ever decide launch site too?!

BLK Dating features

Ah, BLK Dating. Where do I even begin? It’s a dating app that claims to be the "premier online destination for African-American singles," but in my opinion it falls short of its lofty goals.

First off, let’s talk about their free features – or lack thereof. Sure, you can create a profile and browse other users’ profiles on BLK Dating…but that’s pretty much all you get with the free version! No messaging allowed whatsoever; if you want to communicate with someone else on this platform then prepare yourself for some serious sticker shock because they only offer paid subscriptions here! And speaking of those pricey subscription plans…they don’t really seem worth it either. For starters there are no unique features offered by any plan (not even premium ones!) so why bother shelling out money when there is nothing special included?

Plus their customer service isn’t great either; good luck getting help from them if something goes wrong during your experience using this app as most people report long wait times before receiving an answer back from support staff – not exactly ideal when trying to find love quickly!

All in all I would say avoid BLK Dating at all costs unless you’re willing to pay top dollar just for basic functionality like messaging and browsing user profiles – otherwise stick with more established apps where these services come standard without having to break open your wallet first

  • Match with people who share similar interests and backgrounds
  • Connect with other users through messages, video chats, and virtual dates
  • Access to exclusive events and meetups
  • Secure messaging platform
  • Location-based search for potential matches

Help & Support

As an online dating expert, I recently reviewed BLK Dating and my experience was less than satisfactory. To put it bluntly: their support is a joke!

I tried to access the support of BLK Dating multiple times but never got any response or help. Even when I did get a reply, it wasn’t helpful at all – not even close! The response time for this app is abysmal; you’d be better off talking to your pet goldfish if you want someone who will actually listen. It’s like they don’t care about helping out users in need – very disappointing indeed. The FAQ page on the website looks promising with lots of useful information…but unfortunately that doesn’t do much good if no one responds when contacted directly by email or phone call (which has been my experience). So far there hasn’t been anything remotely resembling customer service from them which makes me wonder why anyone would use such an unreliable platform? If you’re looking for decent customer service then look elsewhere because these guys have nothing going on in that department whatsoever!

It seems as though getting help from BLK Dating requires more luck than skill; chances are slim-to-none that they’ll respond quickly and accurately to any queries sent their way so save yourself some frustration and avoid using this app altogether unless absolutely necessary – trust me, it’s not worth the headache!.


BLK Dating may be a great dating app, but its pricing is anything but. It’s not free – in fact, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg to get the full experience. Sure, there are some benefits of getting a paid subscription like unlimited messaging or access to exclusive events; however, these features don’t come cheap! The prices aren’t competitive either – they’re downright outrageous!

Overall I’d say that BLK Dating isn’t worth your hard-earned cash unless you’ve got money to burn. If you want something more affordable then look elsewhere because this one ain’t gonna cut it for most people looking for love on their budget.

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to BLK Dating include Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge. These apps offer similar features such as swiping left or right on potential matches and messaging capabilities for users to connect with each other.

  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Hinge
  • Match.com
  • OkCupid

Best for

  • Best for people of color who are looking to find a partner from the same cultural background.
  • Best for those seeking an interracial relationship with someone outside their own culture.
  • Best for singles who want to explore and expand their dating pool beyond what traditional apps offer.


1. What payment methods does BLK Dating accept?

BLK Dating only accepts payment through their app, which is really inconvenient. Plus they don’t accept any other form of payment like credit cards or PayPal, so that’s a bummer. Overall it’s not the most user-friendly experience when it comes to paying for the service.

2. Is BLK Dating a scam?

No way! BLK Dating is definitely not a scam. It’s an awesome dating app that I’ve personally used and can vouch for its authenticity. You don’t have to worry about being scammed, it’s legit!

3. How much does BLK Dating cost?

BLK Dating is way too expensive for what it offers. It’s definitely not worth the money they’re asking for. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use this app, especially if you’re on a budget.

4. How can I contact BLK Dating?

You can contact BLK Dating through their app, which is really annoying and inconvenient. I don’t understand why they haven’t made it easier to get in touch with them – there’s no email address or phone number listed anywhere on the website. It makes me wonder how seriously they take customer service.

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